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Container Shipping: How Do I Book A Shipping Container?

Moving abroad an entire household is no easy feat – that’s years of your life you have to shift! If you are moving overseas, it is most likely that a moving company will ship your belongings by boat in an international shipping container. Shipping containers by air is another option that is faster, but not as common due to the higher cost involved.

The two most common sizes are 20 ft and 40 ft shipping containers:

  • A 20ft container can hold around 30 – 35 cubic meters, which is anything up to and including a 3-bedroom house
  • A 40ft container can hold around 65 – 75 cubic meters, which is roughly a 4-bedroom house or bigger

If you want access to a whole container, this is called a Full Container Load (FCL). However, if you don’t think you’ll need to hire a whole container, a cheaper option is shared container shipping, called Less Container Load (LCL), where you only pay for the space that you use.

How Can I Save Money On Shipping Containers?

There are two main factors that affect container shipping rates: distance and volume (m³).  For example, moving a 4-bedroom house will cost more than moving a studio, and shipping a container from the US to the UK will cost more than shipping from the UK to Ireland. As well as these two main reasons, the overall container moving costs will also be affected by the time of year your move takes place, the customs duties and the import taxes placed on your belongings.

If you are trying to save money the general advice to get the cheapest container shipping possible is to either reduce the volume of your move by selling some of your furniture, or by finding a cheaper shipping company.

How Can I Book My Container Shipping Company?

When looking for container shipping companies, we always recommend checking the reviews and comparing the best quotes. When comparing quotes you will want to consider the services that the container moving companies provide as well as the price. The easiest way to do this is to fill out our form for five free moving quotes from different moving companies.

Mrs. Lary
Moved in August 2021, Liverpool to Sydney

Thank you for your help regarding our removal to Sidney. We got multiple quotes from specialized removal companies. It was an overseas removal without any problems.